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Plug It

Plug It is a co-working space & Studio hub for working professionals and university students.

My friend Chan and ex-colleague has started a business in line of co-working space, he contacted me to create a system to monitor their daily sales. I'm quite exited about it, this is my first time to create a real-life system other than ToDo apps, and a successful project built in Laravel.

Functional Requirements

  • Monitor Time In/Out of customers
  • Subscriptions (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly)
  • Calculate total payment
  • Real-time view of current customers


* Get the current shift of the office hours.
* Since the office's shift is between two days (12pm - 6am),
* we have to use the current time to determine what the shift is.
* @return string

private static function shift()
    $now = now()->setTime(11, 0, 0);

        * If the current time is before 12pm, then we'll assume we're
        * still supposed to be looking at yesterday's transactions.
    if (now()->format('H') < 11) {

    return $now->format('Y-m-d H:i:s');

Other stuff I Learned

I have'nt experienced deploying a Laravel app before, gladly the internet is generous in resources, also, the app needs to be deployed locally but the thing is Chan wants to accessed the system anywhere

php artisan serve --host --port 80

Note: Change the host based on your IP Address

I feel like I have so many stuffs I need to improve, eloquent , queries, better model structure and a lot more, but I'm pretty happy with the result, knowing that they actually using it and the client is happy about it.