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Tinybuds Baby

Tinybuds is an online shop selling natural products for babies.

This is one of the projects I am really happy and proud of. I've started to collaborate with them since 2016, I created a eCommerce site back then using WordPress and WooCommerce. Early 2018 they want to transfer the shop to Shopify, because they find it more user friendly and focused on selling.

I've set-up their store from the start, from store account, theme and importing the products and reviews from wordpress data. Since then, I am the maintainer and consultant of their ecommerce store, updating the site information, products, searching and finding a ways that can boost sales and customer experience.

I can say that with collaboration with them, I grew more on business strategy and customer relationship, especially in ecommerce. I might have no actual contact with their customers but I can see their experience and behaviour through using the store and with that I could improve and build better experience for the customer and my client.